Mark Scheinberg and the Exciting Centro Canalejas Madrid

Mark Scheinberg is the mastermind behind PokerStars. He’s also a busy professional who is in the middle of planning a vast hotel complex located in beautiful Madrid, Spain. This complex is going to consist of homes and a hotel. It’s even going to consist of a range of exciting stores for people who are interested in top-quality retail experiences. Scheinberg’s complex is going to be available to the public in 2019. “Centro Canalejas Madrid” is the name of the thrilling development. Construction of this complex didn’t exactly come cheap, either. Developers spent roughly €525 million on this ambitious European building project. Scheinberg owns half of the complex. He bought his share in early 2017. He spent €225 million on the transaction as well. Scheinberg completed his purchase via Mohari Limited. His involvement was verified months after the sale. OHL Desarrollos and Grupo Villar Mir are two prominent businesses that are also part of this anticipated complex. These companies acquired the land for the complex in 2012.

Centro Canalejas Madrid is going to be home to a Four Seasons hotel. This prestigious hotel is going to have a total of 200 guest rooms or so. Four Seasons is an acclaimed chain that has roots in Canada. This will be its Spanish debut. People will be able to live in the complex as well. It’s set to have a residential section. Four Seasons is also going to be at the helm of this residential component. Shopaholics will be able to join in on the fun at Centro Canalejas Madrid. The complex will be equipped with 15,000 square meters that will accommodate retail shops of all varieties.

This complex is going to be a blast for people who love dining out. It will feature a wide range of dining establishments for people who are in the mood to nosh on delicious foods of all varieties. It will have numerous businesses that give people many diverse choices in tasty beverages as well.

Parking won’t be an issue at all for visitors to Centro Canalejas Madrid. The complex will have a sizable parking lot that will include a whopping 400 spots in total.

Visitors to Centro Canalejas Madrid will be able to enjoy so many diverse things. The complex will have a spa that can help those who wish to treat themselves. People who adore massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and beauty treatments in general won’t be able to say to no to visits to the complex. The complex will even feature meeting and event facilities. People who are planning on organizing corporate conferences of all types will be able to rely on Centro Canalejas Madrid. People who throw formal dinners on a regular basis will be able to depend on the complex, too.

Centro Canalejas Madrid is excellent news for people who are trying to land new positions in Madrid. People believe that the center will lead to the emergence of approximately 4,800 brand new jobs. These are a mix of indirect and direct positions.