Digital Media Publishing and streaming videos, this is the way of future of the internet. Starting with the early videos back in the beginning of the internet, videos and digital media publishing have advanced. These advanced videos have become the gaming videos, news videos and other informative online videos that we have become accustomed.

Here at the VideoDome, we take the best of the internet and take it up a notch. Beyond the usual online gaming videos, we create useful and instructional videos to train your clients on how to use your software or products.

Short-form video is being leveraged by numerous media companies to reach Facebook audiences. Our intention is to inform publishers, media companies, and brands on how to use social video to achieve success. More than 10,000 videos from over 200 publishers were examined to establish insights into the preferences and behaviors of worldwide Facebook audiences. Video production trends were highlighted.

There is a strong connection between the number of individuals following a page, and videos posted daily. According to Q3, five videos were posted daily by the ten most followed publishers. USA Today was first with an average of 26 daily, followed by NBC News with nineteen. The report additionally indicated media companies are driving revenue with Facebook videos. A significant increase was shown by Q3 for videos more than ninety seconds. This is Facebooks minimum duration mid-roll. A previous Wochit survey is supported by the increase. The survey showed the intention of two-thirds of publishers were using the mid-roll to monetize videos. Although the ninety second videos still represent the minority, they have increased the engagement levels.

The Q3 report encompassed videos from June through August of 2017, and March through May of 2017 was encompassed by Q2. The report showed publishers created almost fifty percent more in Q3 when leveraging social videos, and their views tripled with the increase in production. The reactions of Love, Wow, Haha, Angry, and sad increased over Likes. More than half the shares and views came from one percent of viral videos. Horizontal videos were massively outperformed by square videos, and the most engaged audience in the world were the Latin American viewers.

Video quantities and gamification have increased each quarter, and the impact on the production of reactions and views was revealed in Q3. There is excitement regarding the progression of the trend to longer videos, and some of the monetization challenges of the media will be alleviated. In either case, the industry will be provided with the best practices and insights to attain their goals through the data. Source:

As a video creation platform, we are empowering brands and media companies to expand the engagement of their audience with social video. Worldwide media brands that use abide by the philosophy include The Week, Time Inc., Focus online, ProSieben, USA Today, Singapore Straits Times, AOL, Daily News, and Gannett and Der Spiegel in the production of short-form videos. The videos center on trending topics at the speed and scale required on the mobile era. The rights have been cleared by Bloomberg, Getty, Reuters, AP, and others to enable the fast creation of native uploads, cloud-based editing tools, vertical and horizontal videos. They are then distributed to digital and social platforms.