Digital Media Publishing Video Guide

The Video Guide is here to assist you in making videos for distribution on YouTube.

First, you will need decent video equipment. You may also need to have a team to assist you in creating your videos.

Quality sound and quality video will be very important to make your YouTube video one that stands the test of the next ten years. If you are creating a video for use in your office or for your company, then you may also want to consider privacy settings for your video.

Digital Media Publishing requires a keen eye and dedication to the project. Never put an unfinished video on the internet.

Once your project is complete, you can then start showing it to the masses. This can be done with advertising or by word of mouth. One very good way to get videos out there is with social media especially Facebook and Twitter.

Recent Changes in Digital Media Publishing

Medium: Changing Online Journalism

Medium is a website created by Evan Williams, one of the co-founders and former chief executive officer of Twitter. The website was launched five years ago, and it currently has an Alexa rank of 328. The website has an extensive collection of articles published by amateurs and professionals alike, and Medium is recognized as an essential tool in transforming the journalism industry. Evan Williams explained that the main reason why he created Medium is because he wanted to develop a website similar to Twitter but has longer character limit, which would instantly bring news and developments around the world.

Evan Williams developed Medium from scratch, and he encouraged several professionals coming from the mainstream media to write articles for the newly founded site. He also invited several amateur writers to publish their own articles on the site, and right after their works are published, Evan Williams would check if it has the quality to be shown online. He wanted to focus on maintaining the long hours people spent on Medium, versus the number of visitors coming into the site, which is why Evan Williams is dedicated on creating engaging posts. The website slowly gained traction after its establishment in 2012, but then it faced several challenges along the way. The website has to close some of its offices and cut the number of employees working for Medium because of the financial difficulty that the website faced. Evan Williams stated that Medium would undergo significant changes, which is the main reason why he has to cut the number of employees and offices where Medium operates.

Just recently, Evan Williams introduced a $5 per month membership program at Medium. He explained that the money will be given to the authors contributing to the website, and hopes that the money paid per article would be sufficient enough for publishers to stay with Medium. Publishers coming from the mainstream media welcomed the new business model proposed by Evan Williams, stating that the monthly $5 subscription charged towards the readers would really help the writers and content creators. They also stated that even if some of the articles are available on their website and can be read for free, people who will be reading it through Medium would give it more value because of the curation involved. The creation of Medium would also give mainstream media a new method of spreading their content, because Medium would become a one stop location for readers, and they would no longer need to visit each news website.

Evan Williams is encouraging the writers who stayed with Medium to publish as many articles as they can, resulting to varying number of articles that mainstream media has on the website. With the rising number of people using Medium as a platform for reading news, the revenue that Medium receives is also rising significantly. The $5 monthly payment that they require from the people reading articles on the website is being given directly to the writers who are publishing their articles. Some mainstream media companies who are letting their articles published on Medium are also receiving passive income.


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